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Welcome to Judi Marshall's website for links to papers and other activities.

Judi is currently at the Department of Management Learning and Leadership, Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster UK - see http://www.lums.lancs.ac.uk/profiles/judi-marshall

She moved to Lancaster in 2008 from the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice (CARPP) at the University of Bath School of Management, where she was co-founder and Director of Studies for the MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice.

For a book based on the Bath MSc please see Leadership for Sustainability: An action research approach, at http://greenleaf-publishing.com/productdetail.kmod?productid=3350

A web based learning network is available for those taking action on sustainability at http://www.lums.lancs.ac.uk/departments/dml/lsln


Judi's contact details are:

Judi Marshall
Professor of Leadership and Learning
Department of Management Learning and Leadership
Lancaster University Management School
Lancaster LA1 4YX
Tel: 01524 510928

Director, MA in Leadership for Sustainability

Twitter: @LSLNetwork




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